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Scheller's Weight Room / Multipurpose Sports Flooring
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  • In-Stock!
  • Available as rolled product, cut to length, Interlocking mats in a variety of sizes and in individual sheets
  • Popular colors in stock. Many additional colors available.
  • Extreme durability
  • Comfort: specially engineered to provide the cushioned resilience lacking in most rubber floors.
  • Custom Roll lengths to minimize or eliminate material waste
  • User friendly - very easy to install / repair - cuts cleanly using a utility knife.
  • Installation instructions / guidance readily available
  • Glue Down or Loose Lay Option
  • Reversible and / or may be relocated when loose laid
  • Low Maintenance Requirements - easily cleans by mopping or vacuuming.
  • Color chip breaks up dirt, dust and footprints)
  • CycleOps Training Mat
    Use CycleOps' Training Mat to protect your floors and carpets from bike grime, sweat, and trainer wear. Durable and water proof, the Training Mat helps keep your trainer from moving across the floor and it absorbs vibration and noise.
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