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Yakima 1 1/4
$24.00 $30.00 20% Off
Features: Replaces shank on Yakima BigHorn 4 hitch-mounted bike carriers Includes spacer insert for attaching bike carrier central mast Requires pin and clip - sold separately Application: Fits the following Yakima products: KingPin 2 8002400, KingPin 4 8002401
Yakima 9mm Locking Skewer
$47.99 $59.99 20% Off
This is the complete locking skewer replacement for the Steelhead bike mount. It can also be used in the older "CutThroat" bike mount. Yakima SKS Lock core sold seperately. Part # 2062
Yakima 9mm Skewer Housing
$9.60 $12.00 20% Off
Yakima 9mm Skewer Housing Part # 2061
Yakima BaseClip
Tailor your towers—these super-strong clips come in a wide range of sizes and designs so you can precisely fit your BaseLine Towers to your car’s bare roof.
Yakima BaseLine Towers
$139.00 - $245.00
No rails? No problem. The versatile BaseLine’s intelligent design and advanced adjust ability help it morph to the shape of your car’s roof for a sleek, secure, load-it-up fit. - Secure, easy-to-use tower specifically designed for cars without roof rails or gutters - Advanced tower architecture is sleek, strong and quiet - Works with JetStream, CoreBar and RoundBar crossbars - Tri-axial DropHook clip adjustment easily adjusts to a wide range of roof shapes for safe, secure hold - BarBed has 12° of pitch adjustment to optimize tower position and level bars on rounded roofs - Super-simple installation – tool included - Maximum load rating of 165lbs (75kg), depending on vehicle and bar rating - Easily locks to you vehicle with our SKS system (sold separately) - RoundBar SL Adapter required to use Yakima's classic RoundBar with - StreamLine System Towers (sold separately) - Streamline crossbars are compatible with any StreamLine Tower StreamLine Tower TECHNICAL SPECS - Dimensions: L 5.00” x W 6.00” x H 4.00”
Yakima Boatlocker
$47.20 $59.00 20% Off
Download the Instructions The BoatLocker is a 10-foot cable that secures your boat to your roof rack. It can even attach to other immovable objects, like a tree. That comes in particularly handy when you're camping, so you Don't have to sleep with one eye open to make sure your boat won't get swiped. Plus, the included PaddleCuffs ensure you'll never be up you-know-what creek without a paddle. PRODUCT DETAILS Compatible with all types of kayaks and canoes SKS Locks included PRODUCT SPECS Weight: 1.30 lbs. Limited Lifetime Warranty
Yakima Chain Straps
$8.00 $10.00 20% Off
Yakima's Chain Straps are replacement bike holding straps for various models of Yakima's trunk and hitch racks. The stretchy, sturdy rubber is easy on your bike's finish and is extremely durable for long life.
Yakima DeadLock
$39.20 $49.00 20% Off
Yakima's DeadLock protects you in two important ways: first, it locks the outside bike to the rack with a cable and steel pin so all your bikes are safe and secure. Second, it locks the hitch-mounted rack to the vehicle so the rack can't get stolen, either. Plus, there's a universal key so you can easily unlock your bikes and rack as needed.
Yakima Glass Hatch Hooks
Yakima's Glass Hatch Hook is an alternative strap for "Joe" series racks used on cars where standard hooks cannot be used.
Yakima Locking Treadhead
$127.99 $159.99 20% Off
Download the Instructions Spare tire mounted, lockable, two bike carrier Produced: 1998 - 1999 History: Introduced as a lockable version of the original TreadHead. Replaced with the SpareROC. General Information: Weight: 23 lbs. Dimensions: 16” wide x 31” tall x 17” extension Capacity: 2 bikes
Yakima MightyMount 32H
$39.20 $49.00 20% Off
These MightyMounts are simple attachments that make several gear-specific Yakima mounts compatible with Whispbar. - Simple snap-around adapter allows Yakima bike, boat and cargo accessories to be attached to Whispbar rack systems - Quick and easy installation and removal; no tools required - 32H fits onto Whispbar Flush, Through and RailBar rack systems - Allows the attachment of the following Yakima accessory mounts: HighRoller, Raptor, Mako Saddle, LandShark, KayakStacker, HullyRoller, HullRaiser, BasketCase and WheelFork - Sold as a set of 4 and uses the hardware provided with the accessory mount Product Specs: - Weight: 0.47 lbs. - Limited Lifetime Warranty
Yakima Quickhitch
$19.99 $24.99 20% Off
The Yakima Quick Hitch bike rack accessory can be installed without the use of tools on Yakima's ROC series 2 inch bike racks. The Yakima Quick Hitch is easy on your hands with texture coated wrench handle and injection molded knob. Features Only fits ROC series 2 inch bike racks Quick, tool-free installation Easy on hands with textured, coated wrench handle and injection molded knob Durable plated construction No loose parts Nice upgrade for older ROC products
Yakima Rattler Bedroc Cradle
$28.79 $35.99 20% Off
Yakima Replacement Cradle for Rattler Bedroc Upgrade Capacity for TerraGate 2 Holds one bike by the frame with ratcheting straps fits all single mast Yakima hitch products One cradle with straps, stabilizer, and installation hardware.
Yakima Replacement B Pad
$6.16 $7.70 20% Off
Yakima Spare part for Q Towers One "B" Pad. Part # 8810080
Yakima Replacement E Pad
$6.16 $7.70 20% Off
Yakima Spare part for Q Towers One "E" Pad. Part # 8810082
Yakima Replacement Q-Cam Cover Assembly
$9.68 $12.10 20% Off
This Q-Cam Cover Assembly replacement kit for the Yakima Q Tower includes one complete Q-Cam Cover Assembly. The cover includes a clip holder for Q Clips and a cam-action handle for closing the Q Tower. Features: Replaces 1 Q-Cam Cover Assembly for Yakima Q Tower Includes clip holder for Q Clips Has cam-action handle for closing Q Tower Specs: Application: Yakima Q Towers (Y00124,Y00135)and Q Stretch Kit (Y00134) Also fits the following discontinued Yakima products: Q Towers (8000105), Q Towers (8000112), Q Stretch Kit (8000120)
Yakima Replacement Railgrab Tower Cover
$7.20 $9.00 20% Off
Replace the cover on your Yakima RailGrab roof-rack towers (Y00138, Y00139, and Y00140) with this equivalent part. Cover slides over the allen bolt and lock core on the end of each tower. Includes 1 replacement cover. Features: Replaces the cover on your Yakima RailGrab roof-rack towers (Y00138, Y00139, and Y00140) Cover slides over the allen bolt and lock core on the end of each tower Includes 1 cover 8880149 Replacement Cover for Yakima Rail Grab Roof Rack Towers - Qty 1
Yakima Roc Solid
$23.99 $29.99 20% Off
Yakima Roc Solid hitch stabilizing bar for Yakima hitch racks.
Yakima Treadplate #2
$32.00 $40.00 20% Off
Yakima Tread Plate For Multi Sport Rack System This is NOS and the box has some wear Contents are brand new never used Yakima Tread Plate for Multi Sport Rack System TREADHEAD Treadski
Yakima Treadplate #3
$32.00 $40.00 20% Off
Adaptor plates used for attaching a TreadHead or Locking TreadHead rack to the spare tires of various vehicles. Produced: 1993 - 1999 History: No visible changes. General Information: Weight: 4 lbs. Dimensions: Plate is 6-5/8 x 7-1/4”. Extension is 4-1/2” long. Capacity: Supports TreadHead to carry 2 bikes.
Swagman 1/2
The Swagman LOCKING THREADED HITCH PIN is specifically designed to prevent theft and wobble for Swagman's rack with threaded 1-1/4" and 2" receiver bar. - High-security key allows for easy access with only a half-turn to unlock - Premium chrome-plated for maximum rust protection - Keeps Swagman hitch racks secure and stable - Unique hidden pin cylinder for added security - Fits 1 1/4" and 2" Universal-foot-equipped Swagman racks - Threaded
Swagman 1/2-inch Pin and Cable
- High security key allows for easy access with only a half-turn to unlock - Premium chrome plating for maximum rust protection - 7.5 ft. long 10mm security cable with hitch pin adapter
Swagman 5/8
The Swagman LOCKING THREADED HITCH PIN is specifically designed to prevent theft and wobble for Swagman's rack with threaded 2" receiver bar. - High-security key allows for easy access with only a half-turn to unlock - Premium chrome-plated for maximum rust protection - Unique hidden pin cylinder for added security - Fits 2" only equipped racks - Threaded
Swagman Deluxe Bar Adapter
Whether it’s a city bike with a step-through frame or full-suspension mountain bike, some bikes just may not work well with a car rack that suspends the bike from its top-tube. Swagman's Deluxe Bar Adapter changes that. This telescopic bar hooks under the stem and around the seatpost to create a "top tube" that the rack can hold. It features vinyl-coated, quick release hooks so it's gentle on your bike and easy to use. The 19-inch Deluxe Bar expands up to 26-inches in length.
Swagman Impakt Adaptor Core
$10.00 - $14.00
Ensure you have the ability to carry all your bikes with their different front axle standards with these Impakt Adaptor Cores. Used with Swagman's Impakt fork mount system, these cores are available in the popular thru-axle sizes found on today's road, mountain, gravel, and fat bikes.
Swagman Quad 2+2 / Chinook Fat Bike Wheel Holders
Adapt your Swagman bike rack to accommodate fat bikes with wheel trays specifically made for extra-wide tires. - Fat Bike Wheel Holder (set includes 1 inner, 1 outer wheel tray) - For use with Swagman's Quad 2+2 or Chinook bike racks
Swagman X Mount
Swagman brings you a brilliant tool for storing your hitch-mount bike rack when it's not attached to your hitch. The X Mount can be attached to any wall to create a virtual hitch. Just mount the rack like you would on your car or truck, and fold the rack up against the wall to get it out of the way. When you're not using it, the X Mount itself will even fold against the wall, creating an even lower profile. - Fits 2-inch receiver style bike racks and 2-inch receivers with 1-1/4-inch universal adapter. - Stores bike rack when not in use - Folds against wall when not in use
Sunlite DLX Cross Bar Adapter
- Adapts female specific and full suspension frames to be easily hung on car rack carriers - Locking ends ensure a firm hold on the bicycles seat tube and head tube for a secure fit - Makes transporting an unconventional frame by car rack much easier - Extends from 21.5" to 31" eye to eye
Saris B.A.T. Spare Tire Plate
$59.99 - $72.99
Saris' Spare Tire Plate is for use with their spare tire racks. Grab the Spare as an extra or replacement part.
Saris Hatch Huggers
Saris' Hatch Huggers fasten Saris racks (sold separately) to certain vehicles. They replace the regular straps for vehicles with glass hinge lines and vehicles with narrow gaps around the trunk.
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