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A Note about Our E-bike Service Policy

Our desire is to assist every customer who comes to us with service needs and we service all brands of conventional bicycles.  However, e-bikes present service needs and challenges not present with conventional bicycles.

E-bikes require special training (which is brand specific), special tools (also often brand specific) and often require technical support and unique service parts, both of which are often lacking or non-existent with many brands. Most second and third tier e-bike suppliers, especially those found in the e-commerce marketplace supply neither training, tools, software or technical and parts support. 

All these things add up to potential safety issues for the rider when repairs are not completed properly.

We know the brands we sell provide the support and resources we need for successful, safe repairs and our staff is trained on these brands.

Because of these reasons and other reasons, Scheller's limits our servicing to the e-bikes we sell. At this time we are not able to service e-bike systems and brands that were not sold in Scheller's stores.

Finally, we also refrain from e-bike service items that may appear similar or identical in nature to a service item on a conventional bicycle (for example: brake adjustments, chain install, derailleur adjustment, etc.)

We sincerely hope you understand our rationale for our policy and we look forward to helping you with other cycling and fitness equipment needs.