Charity Cost Purchase Program

Thank you for your interest in Scheller’s Fitness & Cycling for support.  Scheller’s has long been active in our communities with charitable organizations and events.  Scheller’s contributes to many well known community events and causes every year.  Because of this, we receive dozens of requests each week and hundreds of requests for support each year.

Because of the large number of requests we receive, we have established a process to evaluate these requests.  If we are not able to assist your organization, it is not a reflection of the quality of your organization or event, but rather a reflection of the large number of requests we receive and limited resources.

Our goal is to assist as many organizations as possible.  In order to meet this goal, Scheller’s does not provide out-right donations.  However, organizations asking for support may be eligible to participate in our Charity Cost Purchase Program.  We have established a program that allows organizations to purchase cycling or fitness merchandise at a deep discount.  Your organization can then use this merchandise in your auction program.  Please understand that the merchandise we sell in our stores are not high margin items.

Please Read the Guidelines Below.  If you feel your event/organization meets the conditions below, please fill out our on-line form.  You will find a link to that form at the bottom of this page.  We will evaluate every request that falls within the guidelines and respond within 30 days of submission of the request.


  • The organization/group is in a market served by a Scheller’s retail store.
  • Request is made thru the Charity Discount Purchase Program on-line form and is complete.
  • Request is received at least 90 days in advance of the event date.
  • Request is for an organization, not an individual.
  • Organization is a non-profit entity.  (Scheller's will require proof of non-profit status.)

Apply for Charity Cost Purchase Program