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Octane Fitness AIRDYNE X
$1,398.00 - $1,497.00 $1,599.00 - $1,698.00 Up To 12% Savings
Low Impact Cardio Beginning exercisers, or those recovering from and injury, benefit from low-impact, total-body cardio workouts on the AirdyneX bike. Because users control the pace and resistance at all times, they decide how the ride feels. With the familiarity and ease of use of the Airdyne bike, everyone can customize workouts to meet their goals. More Watt Power Exercisers burn more calories on the AirdyneX bike compared to another fan bike at the same RPM*. The custom designed performance fan enables them to generate more watt power efficiently. That means greater motivation and results. Console Technology Simple and intuitive to navigate, the digital display delivers essential stats at users fingertips. Get into a program at the push of a button; track performance in heart rate, RPM, distance, watts and calories. Plus, the tachometer visually signals how hard the user is exercising and provides the average calorie burn per minute. Users will indulge in the compulsion to push harder to bury the needle! This handy, motivational tool keeps users giving it all they've got! AirdyneX Fan v. A Leading Competitor When it comes to performance the AirdyneX bike beats the competition. That’s because other bikes use small fans that cannot optimize performance. The AirdyneX bike is equipped with a top-of-the-line 26-blade performance fan that helps ensure that the power you generate creates valuable resistance, so you get the ultimate in efficient, effective workouts. And thanks to an exclusive inertia drive, you enjoy smooth motion and safe, quick transitions from sprints to stops. Specifications: Single stage belt drive air resistance system Dimensions: 26? x 55? LCD display screen with metrics for time, distance, calories, RPM, watts, pulse, and speed Oversized, padded seat for greater comfort For athletes up to 350 LBS (160kg) Full Commercial Warranty: Frame: 10 yrs / Mechanical: 3 yrs / Electrical: 3 yrs / Labor: 6 months
FEATURES UPGRADE THEIR EXPERIENCE Take your 500 Cardio Series to the next level with Cybex FIT, an innovative iPad app that interacts directly with your equipment, transforming the console into an advanced touchscreen workout display. Users now have access to a full suite of digital features and controls that lets them personalize their workout experience. USER -FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY Cybex 525 cardio machines make innovative use of QR codes to provide users with easy access to equipment information and workouts via a mobile device. Guests, employees, and residents can select cardio workouts that best meet their fitness goals. The optional high definition E3 View monitor offers three viewing modes on a 15.6” embedded display. PEDAL DESIGN Extra-wide double-sided pedal design accommodates any size foot. The easy-to-adjust pull-strap buckle closure gives users the comfort they seek. RESISTANCE RANGE The 525R's wide range of resistance (from 20 to 600 watts) can create a challenging or modest exercise experience. 20 Watts is much lower than most other bikes on the market and is important for de-conditioned users. HANDLEBARS Multi-positioned handlebars promote a comfortable hand position with heart rate grips where they are most convenient. CUSTOM COLORS Why stick with silver grey when you can choose from any of our five standard colors (white, black, platinum sparkle, metaltone gold, black chrome). Or ... select from over 180 custom colors to match any decor. Only Cybex offers color customization in cardiovascular and strength equipment. SEAT ENGINEERING A Cybex proprietary seat was designed by cyclists to provide comfort for the long ride. You need three things: as much surface area as possible for support in the proper areas - while allowing full range of leg motion - while being kind to between the legs - and only Cybex has it. On a Cybex bike, riders really can work up a sweat so the seat back is designed with holes for optimized ventilation to keep you cool on any length of ride. FRONT WHEELS Because bikes are more mobile than many other exercise machines, they don't stay in the same place all the time. The 525 cycles have wheels on the front for easy rolling so they can be moved around. SINGLE STAGE DRIVE The self-tensioning single-stage drive and hybrid eddy-current self-generating brake provides high-torque capabilities with exceptionally-low drag to provide an exceptionally broad resistance range of 20 to 600 watts with superbly smooth operation.
SciFit ISO7011R-INT w/Premium Seat
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    Key Features
  • Bi-directional resistance allows user to exercise reciprocal muscle groups. Ideal for overall balance of exercise. Also ideal for therapy and sports performance settings. Oversized (No. 40) Chain drive to accommodate extremely heavy workloads.
  • Exclusive step-though seating makes getting on and off the machine quick and easy
  • Comfortable, oversized recumbent seat offers a solid foundation that eliminates rocking and instability found on other recumbent bikes
  • Resistance system -3 phase combination generator and eddy current brake with resistance output of 5 to 2000 watts
  • Professional, three-piece crank system for added durability
  • User-friendly contact heart rate allows user to monitor heart rate during exercise
  • No minimum pedal RPM, ideal for rehabilitation and deconditioned users
  • Workload dependent or independent of pedal speed
  • 3 years parts / 1 year labor warranty 3 Seat Options Standard Fore-Aft Only Premium Height-Adjustable & Swivel Seat, Fore-Aft, Reclining seatback Bariatric Seat - 600 lb. user weight capacity Fore-Aft Only Programs:
  • Manual- One button Quick Start
  • Heart Rate- Set target heart rate and the machine adjusts the workload to maintain target heart rate ( Polar compatible transmitter optional)
  • Constant Work- Set watts and the bike maintains constant workload independent of speed
  • Iso-Strength- Allows user to maximize workload at a fixed RPM; a key ingredient for sports training. Ideal for therapy settings as well, where fixed RPMs are desirable
  • Random- Infinite number of program profiles
  • Hill Profiles- 6 profile programs with over 20 levels of intensity
SciFit ISO1007-INT
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    Key Features:
  • Low starting resistance 6 watts
  • Resistance range: 191 levels of resistance - 20 levels adjustable in .1 increments
  • Resistance system: 3 phase combination generator & eddy current brake
  • largest watt range in the industry
  • Oversized seat: Gel padded for added comfort
  • Large, self-righting pedals-Strap adjusts easily to fit the user
  • Curved handle bars-Users of all sizes can exercise in a natural position with a variety of hand grip options
  • Easy to transport-Integrated transport wheels
  • Heart rate monitoring-Contact and telemetric (chest strap required)
SciFit REX Orbi-Linear™ Total Body Trainer w/Premium Seat
Contact for Price Quote The REX features the exclusive Orbi-Linear™ motion for a comfortable, natural workout that produces exceptional results. As your legs move in a natural orbital motion, your arms in a flowing arc, the kinetic energy builds. REX utilizes theTele-Rail® system to create a silky smooth slowing and transition at each end of the range. REX provides exercise and resistance in both directions and features the unique Iso-Strength training program, as well as Fit-Key™ compatibility.
    Key Features:
  • Super smooth Orbi-Linear movement.
  • Total body exercise, the legs move in a natural orbital motion and the arms in a smooth arc.
  • Optimized kinetic energy for added ease of use.
  • Bi-directional resistance helps create balance between reciprocal muscle groups.
  • Low profile seat back for increased core recruitment.
  • Features Tele-Rail system to create a silky smooth slowing and transition at each end of the range.
  • Dual position hand grips.
  • Fit-Key imbedded documentation technology.
  • Heart Rate compatible with most wireless technology.
  • 3 year parts / 1 year labor warranty Seat Options Standard Fore-Aft Only Premium Height-Adjustable & Swivel Seat, Fore-Aft, Reclining seatback Programs:
  • Manual -One button Quick Start .
  • Heart Rate -Machine adjusts workload to maintain target heart rate. (Wireless heart rate transmitter required, sold separately.)
  • Constant Work - With wattage as a baseline, machine maintains constant workload independent of pedal speed.
  • Iso-Strength - for strength training.
  • Random - Infinite number of program profiles.
  • Hill Profiles - 6 hill programs with over 20 levels of intensity.
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