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Commercial Stretching

True Fitness 800 Golf
Golf facility managers are always in search of ways to create a competitive advantage and keep their members golfing longer. True understands your goals and the Golf TrueStretch™ is the machine that will get you there. With the addition of a new custom cover; TRUE offers the first outdoor Stretch Station on the market today. Now your members will realize the benefits from stretching right before taking their first swing! Flexibility prevents injury Nearly 70 percent of all golfers experience golf-related injuries that cause them to miss playing time. But taking a few minutes to stretch before tee time warms up the muscles, increases flexibility and reduces the likelihood of stress and strain on the lower back, shoulders, elbows and wrists. Developed by a top expert in the field True Fitness developed its recommended stretches with the help of leading golf fitness expert Randy Myers.The easy-to-follow golf stretching routines are outlined on a placard that is mounted directly on the unit. Your golfers will perform the same stretching routines as many top professional athletes and trainers and will help them realize the importance of stretching to their overall game. Design incorporates all stretching needs TrueStretch™ was designed scientifically to allow for all types of necessary stretches for golfers of every shape and size. The appropriate muscle groups are addressed in all three planes of motion - front to back, side to side, and rotational - while keeping the user in a natural position for proper body alignment, stability and safety. The unit is the quickest and best way to reduce the risk of injuries and ensure that your golfers are prepared to play their best. TrueStretch™ is easy to use and maintain The stretching instructions are very visible and simple to follow. It is also weighted sufficiently to stay in place, and it is virtually maintenance free. Our 1-year parts warranty offers you even more peace of mind. TrueStretch™ cover makes it ideal for outdoor use For outdoor use, simply place the TrueStretch™ in a convenient spot at the first tee or on the driving range. Along with the unit, it will be necessary to purchase the 800 SS custom-fit weather-resistant vinyl cover. This cover provides more than protection against the elements, if desired you can choose to print your facility's logo on the front of the custom cover by your local printer. Additionally, steel stakes will be provided with the cover to secure the product adequately to the ground for outdoor applications.
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