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ElliptiGO Used ElliptiGO S.U.B.
ElliptiGO SUB The original Stand Up Bike is our smallest, lightest and most portable bike. The SUB delivers a killer full-body workout with no discomfort! From commuting to calorie crushing, the SUB offers a sporty riding experience and will put a smile on your face as you conquer climbs and get fit fast. 250lb Weight Limit. Ships Almost Fully-Assembled. Easy to Assemble ACTIVATE MORE MUSCLES: Our stand up bike models provide a full-body workout that especially activates the quadriceps. Enjoy a familiar cycling-like, circular motion alongside ElliptiGO’s signature benefits. ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Adjustable steering column provides a custom fit no matter how tall or short you are, or where your arms and hands are most comfortable holding the bars. Eliminates neck, back and seat pain through a natural "stand up" position STAND CONFIDENTLY: Oversized pedals engineered for comfort, performance and grip. Our lightest, shortest and most portable bike, also designed to stand the test of time.
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