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Strider Sport 12 Balance Bike
In-store discounts often available on Striders. Please call our store for details. Upgrades over other Strider Models: 1)Includes quick release handlebars and seat for easy height adjustments. ($20 if purchased separately.) 2)Includes second padded saddle with extra long seat post so the Strider can grow with your child. ($15 if purchased separately.) Sport 12 is a lightweight, pedal-less balance bike that allows your child to straddle the bike with both feet on the ground and easily propel the bike by walking or running. This nimble steel bike lets your little one focus on the fundamentals of balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions and complications of pedals or training wheels. The maintenance-free ultra-light wheels feature industrial foam tires so you’ll never have to worry about a flat. The built-in footrest with grip tape allows toddlers to easily glide with their feet up. The adjustable-height seatpost and handlebar let this bike grow with your kiddo. Plus, the Sport 12 comes with a second extra-long seatpost for even more range!
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