Tuff Stuff

Tuff Stuff RLC-385 Leg Extension Attachment
• Lex extension / leg curl allows user to isolate the quadriceps and hamstr...
Tuff Stuff RPA-316 Arm Curl Attachment
• Preacher Curl attachment allows isolation of the biceps muscle for comple...
Tuff Stuff CXT-125 Smith Press System Attachment
• Optional attachment • 7-degree pressing movement • Heavy duty self-ali...
Tuff Stuff VKR & Dip Stand
• Comfortable back support provides proper upper torso alignment and posi...
Tuff Stuff CXT-100

11-position adjustable exercise intensity from 30º angle to flat. Built ...
Tuff Stuff VKR/Chin Dip / Ab Combo
$899.99 - $998.99
• Space efficient with multiple exercise options such as chin-ups, dips, ...
Tuff Stuff Adjustable Hyperextension Bench
• Adjustable from 48º hyper angle to full roman-chair workout position. • ...
Tuff Stuff AXT-225
$2,799.00 $3,329.00 16% Savings
Tuff Stuff Seated Calf Bench
• Adjustable thigh support device pivots front and back to accommodate mo...
Tuff Stuff SPT-7 Six-Pak Light Commercial Trainer
Listed price reflects purchase price View More...