True Fitness PS 825 Escalate 15

True Fitness PS 825 Escalate 15
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TRUE PS825 Home Treadmill

The TRUE PS825 treadmill offers you the opportunity to have a fitness facility-quality piece of equipment, that is stylish enough for your home. With the recognizable TRUE profile, the PS825 will look great in any room of your house. Plus, with quality fitness programs, and iPod connectivity, this treadmill has something to offer every user in your family.


The TRUE PS825 is equipped with a digital contact heart rate monitoring system to assist you in maintaining your optimal heart rate to maximize your workouts. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or increase cardio endurance, heart rate training is a crucial element in achieving your goals because weight loss requires you to maintain a lower heart rate than a cardio endurance regimen.


TRUE’s patented Soft System offers the most biomechanically correct running surface available. Neoprene shock absorbers in the front third of the deck cushion each foot strike, while the back of the deck provides a firmer surface allowing for a stronger push off with each stride. Soft Select puts you in control of the level of softness or firmness of the deck.


TRUE HRC Cruise Control allows you to lock in on your targeted heart rate. Once your target is entered, one touch TRUE HRC Cruise Control will adjust speed and incline automatically throughout the duration of your workout to maintain your target heart rate, just like the Cruise Control in your car.

Escalate 15" Console
The TRUE Escalate15 has design that will allow you to continue your escalation with an abundant amount of programs and numerous features that include advanced entertainment and mobile app communication via USB. The TRUE Escalate15 is an optimum solution for a budget conscience consumer who has need and desire for technologically advanced products in their home.

  • Advanced iPod Connectivity
  • Digital and Analog TV Tuners with Closed Captioning
  • Quick Speed Keys
  • Personal Cooling Fan
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring
  • 34 Preset Workout Programs and 5 Saved Workouts
  • USB Port for Workout Summary Exports
  • Nike+ Workout iPod Connectivity for workout data uploads
  • Multiple Language Options
  • Over Molded Reading Rack and Tablet Holder
  • Sleep Mode

  • Fitness equipment typically offers heart-rate measurement, which is great for efficient weight loss, improving fitness for your favorite sport, exercising safely, and bettering your general cardiovascular health. Heart rate is monitored by contact and/or wireless telemetry. While the latter is considered more accurate, each system has advantages. Here’s a quick primer.

    Contact heart-rate monitoring utilizes hand sensors in the handrail or handlebar. You grip the sensors for several seconds and your heart rate is shown on the console display in beats per minute. Contact heart rate is a good choice if you don’t have or don’t like to wear a heart-rate chest strap.

    Wireless telemetry heart-rate monitoring utilizes a chest strap that you wear that reads your heart rate and transmits a radio frequency to show your heart rate on the machine’s console display. In addition to being more accurate, the wireless system is hands-free, and it allows your heart rate to be constantly displayed (since it doesn’t rely on sensors that you have to hold). This constant monitoring is especially useful for heart-rate control programs, in which the exercise equipment makes intensity adjustments to maintain or vary your heart rate at particular training zones.


    Motor 4 HP DC
    Speed Range 0.5 - 12 mph (0.8 - 19 kph)
    Elevation Range 0% to 15%
    Frame Robotically welded heavy-gauge steel
    Running Area 60"L x 21"W
    Cushion System True Soft Select (adjustable)
    Footprint 78.5"L x 35"W
    Treadmill Weight 383 lbs.
    Cruise Control YES
    Belt Orthopedic
    Warranty Frame Lifetime Motor 30 Years Parts 10 Years (Escalate15 Consoles are 3 years) Labor 1 Year


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