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Sigma Sport Rox 10.0 GPS

Sigma Sport Rox 10.0 GPS
  • Color: Black
  • Color: White
$179.99 - $199.99
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Sigma's Rox 10.0 will take you to the ends of the earth! Sporting GPS and route navigation, the Rox 10.0’s cutting edge technology gives you all the ride information you crave. Speed, distance, and time functions are just the beginning with this computer. For climbing days you get a host of functions like gradient, altitude, and a profile of the next three miles. The array of lap functions provides the perfect tools for races and intervals. The data log, docking station, and Data Center software make tracking your rides simple and easy. Plus, the Rox 10.0 is ANT+ compatible and will communicate with power meters, heart rate straps, and cadence sensors.

Bike functions

  • Speed: current, average, and max
  • Current vs. average speed comparison
  • Distance
  • Laps

Time functions

  • Training time
  • Trip time
  • Time: 12/24 hour
  • Date
  • Countdown timer
  • Stopwatch

Environmental functions

  • Temperature: current, minimun, max
  • current altitude
  • Gradient (%)
  • Current incline rate
  • Elevation profile for the next 3 miles
  • Elevation profile for the lasat 3 miles
  • Altitude gain/loss
  • Max altitude
  • Distance uphill/downhill
  • Trip time uphill/downhill
  • Average speed uphill/downhill
  • Max rate of ascent/descent
  • Average incline/slope
  • Max incline/slope

Navigation functions

  • Time/distance to destination
  • Direction

Optional power, heart rate, and cadence functions (transmitters sold separately)

The Rox 10.0 GPS transfers data to the Data Center software via the included docking station (size scale not accurate for items in image above.).

ANT+ is a wireless technology that allows your monitoring device to seamlessly communicate with other ANT+ products such as speed sensors, heart rate monitors, and power meters.