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Scheller's - Used Used Schwinn Racer - 1968

Scheller's - Used Used Schwinn Racer
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This is classic era Schwinn (of Chicago) Racer. Red-Band single speed coaster brake gent's frame bike. Lightweight model with 26x-3/8 wheels.

With the exception of the tires and some rear fender nuts and bolts, all parts are original, including the grips, saddle and pedals...these are common items where aftermarket items are often found.

Mechanically this bike is in excellent shape Cosmetically, we grade it a "3" however, with some additional elbow grease the bike can easily be brought up to a "4+"

The wear-and-tear well below average for a 50+ year old bike. Paint is in very good condition. Very few blemishes and scratches given the age, as evidenced by the close up photographs.

Serial # DD62852, April 1968.

This item can be seen at the Scheller's, 11520 Shelbyville Road, 40243. Call 502-245-1955 for more details.

5-Like New 4-Excellent 3-Good 2-Fair 1-Parts Bike/Needs Work
We rate this item as 3.5 cosmetically and mechanically -Good/Excellent