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Hampton Fitness DuraBell 2.5# Pair
$10.95 $12.50 12% Savings
Hampton is the premium manufacturer of encapsulated dumbbells. The Hampton Dura-bell is the industry’s most dependable dumbbell. Dura-Bell dumbbells have a patented design that makes them maintenance free. Unlike the competition, Dura-bells feature threaded handles and heads that are then pinned internally to ensure that heads do not loose from the handle even after years of the most rigorous use. The Urethane encapsulation is more durable than less expensive rubber encapsulation and is lower in odor than similar rubber dumbbells. These dumbbells come in pairs and range from 2.5# to 125#. Between 2.5# and 30# increments are 2.5#. From 30# to 125# increments are 5#. When purchasing Dura-bells from Scheller's, purchase quantity (1) to receive (1) pair of the selected size.

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