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Azub TRIcon GR

Azub TRIcon GR
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Community wide delivery and installation is now available on all residential fitness equipment and bicyles. You may select this option at check out. We highly recommend having our expert staff deliver fitness equipment. Fitness equipment is also availble for pick up. Bicycles and cycling accessories may also be picked at any of our locations by choosing that option at check-out.


All Recumbents are located at our Trike Specialty Store in Clarksville, IN.

STARTING PRICE AS LISTED. Our trike brands offer a wide range of customization options. In-store prices may vary to reflect additional features.

Do you enjoy discovering new spots of nature away from main routes? Do you often find yourself on potholed tarmac? Would you like to take your trike on a long gravel path leading to new horizons? Then the GR is a great choice for you. The letters GR stand for Gravel and Road. During development, we thought of both tarmac roads and gravel paths meandering through the countryside. The three 26” wheels give the TRIcon higher seating, better clearance over mixed terrain, and a splendid view. The rear suspension provides the extra comfort, while removing the front suspension makes for lighter weight and better conservation of power.

Ever since we started back in 2000, we have always thought that a bike should adapt to the rider and not the other way round. That’s why we used an adjustable seat for our first bike, in which both the angle and the pedal distance were adjustable. With each further development stage, we introduced a more accurate adjustment, until 2013, when we reached a stage of adjusting without positions. This concept is based on a sliding sleeve, which we produce in a straight version for our tricycles and some bicycles, as well as in a curved version for recumbents.

In addition to folding the front section, you can also rotate the rear fork which is designed to fit neatly just below the rear of the frame. This will turn the tricycle into an incredibly small package which you can easily fit into the boot of a small car or into our carry case should you wish to take the trike for example on a plane. And the whole maneuvre will take you no more than 5 minutes without the need of any tools.

In 2015, we introduced a new folding mechanism we are really proud of. We wanted to create a folding tricycle that would be adequately stiff and whose folding mechanism would be smooth and easy to operate.