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ElliptiGO SUB - Stand Up Bike
THE ELLIPTIGO SUB: STYLISH, AFFORDABLE AND FUN! Responsive, nimble and quick: enjoy a whole new riding experience with the new ElliptiGO Stand Up Bike (SUB). Get a fun, killer full-body workout in less time and burn 33% more calories than riding a traditional bike. Enjoy the familiar bicycle pedal stroke without the neck, back and seat pain. Light and portable, this bike is ready to go wherever you GO. The SUB is ideal for whatever your goals are, whether it’s getting fit fast or getting from point A to point B. • The ElliptiGO SUB provides a high-intensity, low-impact workout • Lightweight aluminum frame is ruggedly constructed to provide years of use • 8-speed alloy freewheel hub enables you to conquer the steepest of hills and sprint at speeds of 20mph+. • Lever-actuated front and rear rim brakes for efficient speed control • Specifically-engineered foot pedals provide a steady, safe and powerful ride • Suitable for riders up to 250 lbs • Features industry standard bicycle components that can be easily serviced or repaired by a trained bike technician • Telescoping steering column for easy height adjustment • Portable; fits most standard bike racks • Customizable with toe cages and fender accessories (sold separately) • Comfortable: Reduces neck, back and seat pain through its natural "stand up" position • Fun to ride: Responsive, nimble and quick • Low-impact: Reduces the pounding on your joints • Great visibility: Higher riding position makes you more visible and makes it easier for you to see motorists, pedestrians and other riders • Fat burner: Burns 33% more calories than a bike, providing a better workout in less time • Full-body workout: Engages your core and upper body in addition to your legs • Weight-bearing exercise: Increases your heart rate and helps maintain bone density
ElliptiGO 8C
If you want the perfect combination of price and performance, the ElliptiGO 8C is for you. Fitness enthusiasts and cross-training athletes alike enjoy the long, smooth stride, wide gear range, and running-like motion of the 8C. Of course, like all ElliptiGO bikes, you can adjust the stride length and handlebar height to dial-in your perfect riding position, whether you are going for a long cruising ride or hammering an interval workout. For comfort, performance and price, the ElliptiGO 8C delivers the best bang for your buck, which is why it’s the most popular elliptical bicycle on the market. Features: - 16"-25" adjustable stride length - Long foot platform - Telescopic steering column - Ergonomic bar-ends - Customizable setup - 8-speed internal hub - Compatible with stationary trainers - Max rider weight capacity 250lbs
ElliptiGO 11R
For the ultimate in elliptical cycling performance, choose the ElliptiGO 11R. With its lighter weight, smooth ride and extra gears on both the low and high end, the 11R will help you conquer any challenge you take on. Whether you are tackling an epic endurance ride or hammering through a speed session, the 11R delivers the power and performance you need to succeed. Make no mistake – the 11R is one comfortable ride, but it was built to compete. Give it your all. Features: - 16"-25" adjustable stride length - Long foot platform - Carbon fiber drive arms - Folding steering column - Ergonomic bar-ends - Customizable setup - 11-speed internal hub - Compatible with stationary trainers - Max rider weight capacity 250lbs
True Fitness Floor/Demo M50 Elliptical
$2,099.25 $2,799.00 25% Savings

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UPPER, LOWER, AND TOTAL-BODY WORKOUTS The M50 elliptical features innovative side-steps which not only allow safe entry and exit from the machine but also unparalleled versatility by providing the industry's first upper-body only workout. Customizing your workout is easier and more comfortable than ever. The M50’s ergonomic multi-grip handles allow users greater flexibility in targeting core muscle groups, while the orthopedic-cushioned, soft footpads provide a comfortable and sturdy foundation for upper body workout, decreasing the stress of impact on the joints. The patented Core DriveTM system provides the most natural movement while keeping the user in the center of the exercise motion for superior balance, stability, and comfort. HEART RATE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY Paired with TRUE's legendary patented Heart Rate Control technology and HRC Cruise Control, the new M50 elliptical truly maximizes your fitness investment. In essence, HRC pushes you to greater levels of fitness. Once you have reached your desired training level, simply touch the HRC Cruise Control button and it automatically sets your heart rate and keeps it there for the rest of the workout. A NEW DEGREE OF CARDIO TRAINING IS HERE Implement variety into your workout by using TRUE's Cardio 360TM program. It's our version of the personal trainer. With it, users can work all major muscle groups through a series of total body and isolating exercises in as little as 20 minutes.
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