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Heart-Rate Monitors

Train smarter by connecting heart and smart phone or computer, all from a comfortable wearable with an easy-on washable strap. Key features: - Washable heart rate strap comfortably conforms to body - ANT+ 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth Smart wireless digital heart rate sensor - ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart allow simultaneous use of Trip 300 and smartphone - For use with all ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart wireless technology enabled devices - Includes washable softstrap, heart rate sensor, and CR2032 battery - Visit for a complete list of compatible devices - Visit for a complete list of compatible devices - Not for underwater use
Key features: - Replacement strap for Bontrager Heart Rate Belt - Perfect option when the strap loses stretchiness or gets funky - Not compatible with other heart rate monitors
The ROX 12 GPS bicycle computer is a full color touch screen navigation device built on an Android platform. The set includes the R2 DUO Speed and Cadence transmitter and R1 DUO Comfortex+ heart rate transmitter. Loaded with navigation and training features plus direct connections to Strava, TrainingPeaks, Kamoot, Dropbox and GPSies. This computer is packed with features and durable enough to withstand harsh weather riding conditions. In the box - ROX 12.0 Computer - R2 DUO SPEED/CADENCE COMBO - R1 DUO HEART RATE TRANSMITTER - GPS Mount - BUTLER II GPS Mount - USB Cable - Manual Features - Backlight - WiFi, ANT+ Connectivity - Transflective display - Weight - 125 g - Battery life - Up to 16 hours (in energy saving mode Up to 40 hours) - Dimensions incl. holder - 59 x 115 x 17 mm - Display size - 3 inches (240 x 400 pixels) - Supports power meters - Compatible with Shimano Di2 / SRAM eTap / Campagnolo EPS V3 Interface - Battery - Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery - Water resistance - IP67 - Color display - with Touchscreen - Status functions - GPS Accuracy, Battery capacity (in %), Sunrise and sunset Bike functions - Temperature - Time - Maximum cadence - Maximum speed - Maximum temperature - Date - Training time - Pedaling index (%) - Duration - Distance - Pedaling time - Actual Speed - Calories - Minimum temperature - Average cadence (w/ transmitter) - Cadence (w/ transmitter) - Average speed Heart rate functions (w/ transmitter) - Intensity zones (graph) - % HR max. - Maximum heart rate - Minimum heart rate - Zone bars (heart rate / CAD / SPD) (graph) - Current heart rate - Heart rate graph - Average heart rate - Average % of HR max Lap functions - Maximum altitude in lap - / Automatic Lap - Maximum heart rate in lap - / Automatic Lap - List of laps - / Automatic Lap - Elevation gain in lap - / Automatic Lap - Calories in lap - / Automatic Lap - Distance in lap - / Automatic Lap - Maximum power in lap - / Automatic Lap - Maximum speed in lap - / Automatic Lap - Pedaling index in lap (%) - / Automatic Lap - Pedaling time in lap - / Automatic Lap - Time in lap - / Automatic Lap - Number of laps - / Automatic Lap - NP in last lap / automatic lap - Normalized Power in current lap - / Automatic Lap - Average speed in lap - / Automatic Lap - Elevation loss in lap - / Automatic Lap - Average heart rate in lap - / Automatic Lap - Average rate of descent in lap - / Automatic Lap - Average downward slope in lap / automatic lap - Average cadence in lap - / Automatic Lap - Average altitude in lap - / Automatic Lap - Average balance in lap - / Automatic Lap - Average power in lap - / Automatic Lap - Average rate of ascent in lap - / Automatic Lap - Average power in last lap - / Automatic Lap Altitude functions - Maximum slope downhill - Maximum rate of descent - Rate of ascent in m/min - Current altitude - Maximum rate of ascent - Distance downhill - Distance uphill - Maximum altitude - Incline in % - Training time uphill - Training time downhill - Maximum incline uphill - Average speed uphill - Altitude uphill - Altitude profile graph - Altitude downhill - Average rate of ascent - Average incline uphill - Average speed downhill - Average slope downhill - Average rate of descent Navigation functions - Distance to destination - Turn-off notifications (visual and acoustic) - Time to destination - Map - Drive direction - Estimated time of arrival
High-performance, comfortable heart rate monitor. Conforms 100% to Bluetooth Smart standards for max compatibility. Durable, lightweight polycarbonate construction with translucent body and LED indicator. Flexible strap made from athletic materials. Replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery optimized for long-lasting use.
Get the most out of each workout with CatEye's Strada Digital Heart Rate Sensor Kit. It works with the Strada Digital Wireless cycle computer to provide you with heart rate data as you ride, so you can track how hard each effort is and hone in your training. Attack each ride and celebrate your successes on the bike!
TICKR FIT heart rate armband uses optical heart rate technology to provide accurate heart rate and calorie burn data in the most comfortable form factor yet! Equipped with Bluetooth and ANT+ technology to seamlessly pair with fitness apps, smartphones, and GPS bike computers and watches. Worn on the forearm, the TICKR FIT heart rate monitor comes with an adjustable band that is designed for your most grueling workouts including running, cycling, fitness classes, and more. TICKR FIT has water-resistant technology and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 hours. - Dual band technology - Real time heart rate and calorie tracking - Advanced performance material - USB rechargeable battery - LED indicator lights - Two adjustable bands included - Third party app compatibility - Apple watch and apple TV integration
Meet the new ELEMNT ROAM, Wahoo’s most powerful and accurate GPS cycling computer that is packed with features that turn any ride into an adventure. ELEMNT ROAM delivers advanced accuracy and powerful on-device smart navigation features through dual-band GPS technology. A crystal clear 2.7” (6.9cm) 64 color display and a long lasting battery make it easier than ever to stay on course longer and explore further. BUILT FOR THE RIDE ELEMNT ROAM is designed for those who view each ride as a new adventure. Powerful smart navigation features have been combined with a crystal clear 2.7" color display and a long lasting battery, making it easier than ever to stay on course longer and explore farther. ROAD WORTHY. ADVENTURE READY. Designed for performance, intuitively smart and impressively vivid, ELEMNT ROAM offers adventure-hungry cyclists a bike computer equally at home on and off the road. SIMPLE TO EXPLORE FULL-FEATURED GPS Whether you need turn-by-turn directions or just want to find the fastest way home, ELEMNT ROAM offers rider-focused navigation features and powerful integrations designed to help you roam with confidence. SIMPLE TO SEE DYNAMIC DISPLAY Featuring a vibrant, crystal clear color display, Perfect View Zoom data fields and programmable LED indicators, ELEMNT ROAM is the ultimate way to stay on course and on top of your performance. SIMPLE TO SET-UP APP POWERED CUSTOMIZATION ELEMNT ROAM lets you focus on the ride by using the ELEMNT companion app on your smartphone to simplify set-up, customize workout pages, track performance and share ride data.
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