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Octane Fitness Q 35

This item is currently not available.


The original Octane Fitness elliptical, this proven winner is backed by multiple awards and testimonials. Recognized as an innovative, high performance cross trainer, the Q35 was the first to incorporate Body-Mapping Ergonomics and the QuadLink drive for a natural, smooth, total-body motion.

With the closest pedal spacing in the industry at 1.8”, your comfort is ensured since the hips don’t have to shift laterally and tax the lower back.

Plus, the Q35 offers a wealth of superior features at unbeatable value. Among them are the popular X-Mode workout and several preset resistance routines, such as effective interval training.

Stationary handlebars, a convenient accessory tray, and a handy reading rack further enhance convenience.

  • Body-Mapping Ergonomics and QuadLink drive—Octane's exclusive design for fluid, comfortable, natural motion

  • 1.8" pedal spacing—mimics human biomechanics for optimal comfort

  • Easy-to-use electronics—including auto Quick Start and DedicatedLogic

  • Stationary handlebars—provide extra security

  • Reading rack and accessory tray—convenience at your fingertips

  • Low step-up height—makes getting on and off effortless; great for low-ceiling rooms

  • Forward-thinking design—safe and quiet with moving parts completely enclosed in front

  • Space-efficient footprint—smaller than comparable ellipticals and treadmills

  • 270 lb. machine—for rock-solid stability

  • Q35 Console
    Q35 Back/Side