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White Glove Assembly, Delivery & Installation (WGADI)

(This service applies only to residential equipment. Commercial installations charges are computed using different methods.)

Prices start at $119 and up, depending on the size and complexity of the equipment. 

Most cardio equipment range from $119 to $259 for WGDA&I.  Larger or more elaborate equipment such home gyms and other cardio equipment may have higher charges associated.  Please visit or call one of our 'real' locations for details.

When you choose White Glove DA&I Service from Scheller's we will provide the following to our residential local delivery area customers:

  • Scheller's cares about the service you receive in your home.  Scheller's technicians are our employees.  Unlike our competitors, Scheller's does not hire third-party assembly providers.
  • We utilize company-owned vehicles to deliver equipment from our warehouse to your home. Unlike Amazon, out-state-sellers and others, we do not hire third-party logistics companies to deliver equipment to our local customers, nor do we drop ship equipment from manufacturer's warehouses to your home.
  • We provide in-home delivery, to the room of your choice with up to two interior flights of stairs.
  • We conduct assembly or final assembly of the equipment you purchase in the room of your choice.  In some cases some or all of your equipment may be preassembled (and tested) at our local warehouse.  In this case we will disassemble as necessary and reassemble once we are in the room of your choice.
  • Your equipment is tested by our technicians prior to their departure from your home.
  • Upon completion, our techs remove all trash from your premises, leaving your installation in the same condition prior to our start.  Your equipment is fully assembled and ready for use.
  • When you purchase WGDI&A we upgrade your product labor warranty from an in-shop labor warranty to an in-home labor warranty at no additional charge.