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Scheller's Service Lifetime Adjustments Warranty
Exclusively at Scheller's

Exclusively at Scheller's!

Our New Bike Free Adjustments Plan is one of the outstanding benefits you receive by buying a new bicycle from Scheller’s.  You, the original owner of your new Scheller’s bike will receive complimentary adjustments to brake and gear systems and complimentary adjustments to wheel systems and other mechanical systems on your bike as long as you own your new bike from Scheller’s.  Some restrictions apply.  You also receive $90 worth of valuable coupons including a complimentary flat tire repair ($20) as well as a complimentary 90 day check-up ($60 on most bikes) and a $10 floor pump discount.

Plan Details:

This plan exclusively applies to new bicycles purchased at Scheller’s Fitness & Cycling from March 1, 2014 forward. This plan is not transferable and is available to the original purchaser when he or she is in possession of and able to present their certificate.

While this plan is a valuable plan, it is not intended to cover all costs associated with every service item your bicycle will need while you own your bike.

For example, our annual maintenances packages (Tune-ups) are not a covered aspect of this plan. One free early use check-up which is intended to be used within the first 90 days is included. Also, this plan does not cover, abuse, neglect or accidents

This service plan applies to conditions involving normal use, as defined by Scheller’s Fitness & Cycling and requires regular maintenance and care on the part of the owner or a professional bicycle mechanic.

Items covered under this plan include: Adjustments to Brake and Shifting Systems, Adjustments to Headset and Crank Bearings, Level 1 Wheel Truing*, Chain Lubrication, Saddle Adjustments, Handlebar Adjustments and periodic inspection.

As cyclist, it is important that you become comfortable, familiar and capable of performing three basic maintenance chores: 1) Inflating your tires regularly. 2) Lubricating the external friction points on your bicycle. 3) Keeping your bicycle clean. As part of this plan, we are happy to provide guidance and education on how to perform these tasks.

Some of these regular maintenance items, including regular tune-ups, are often outside the scope of home mechanics and, as such, necessitate the paid services of Scheller’s or another store specializing in bicycle repair and service.

This plan does not cover the cost of components (all the items on your bicycle other than the frame and fork) or frames and forks. This plan does not cover labor associated with the installation of warranty or non-warranty components, frames or forks. This plan does not supersede or replace any manufacturer’s warranty.

Labor charges explicitly excluded by this warranty include, but are not limited to: tune-ups, part and accessory installation, flat tire repairs (tube and tire replacement), Level (2) or Level (3) wheel truing, overhauls, cleaning, bearing assembly overhaul, brake pad installation, brake bleeding, brake cable installation, derailleur cable installation, shock (rear or front) service or overhaul, spoke replacement, component removal and replacement, or bike fitting. This plan does not provide reimbursement for covered services performed by another bicycle shop. This plan does not cover labor expenses associated with improper use, abuse, neglect, accidents, damage or racing.

Scheller’s reserves the right to rescind this warranty at any time at its sole discretion.

*Wheel Truing is the adjustment (tightening and loosening) of spokes in a wheel, which is intended to remove horizontal and vertical run out (deviation from a center line) in the rim of the wheel.

Level 1 Wheel Truing is: Truing necessitated by normal riding conditions and has less than 0.125” in run-out and does NOT require the removal of the wheel from the bicycle. Level 1 Truing does not include truing that is the result of improper tire inflation. Level 1 Truing does not cover items described in Level 2 and Level 3 truing.

Level 2 Wheel Truing is: Truing with run-out at or above 0.125” which comes from normal riding, requires the removal of the wheel from the bicycle, or is the result of improper tire pressure.

Level 3 Wheel Truing** is: Level 2 Truing, plus truing as a result of one, some or all of the following: road hazards, including curbing, pot holes, pavement breaks, man-holes, rail-road tracks; improper tire pressure, broken spokes; off road riding, jumping, racing, crashes; rider weight in excess of the published or reasonable user capacity of the bicycle or wheel.

**This list of Level 3 conditions may not be comprehensive, nor is it intended to address every conceivable situation. Other conditions not enumerated here may qualify as Level 3 Wheel Truing.