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Bike to Beat Cancer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I make purchases at Scheller's and receive the promotional discount?

A: We "turn on" the promotion on March 1 and offer discounts ride through September.  However, you must be a registered participant and show at least $50 in fundraising on your personal ride page to be eligible for the discount.


Q: Which ride events are eligible for discounts?

A: Participants in the 35, 65 or 100 mile events are eligible for discount.  At this time, the family fun ride is not eligible for discounts.


Q: Will I receive a discount if I make a purchase for a friend, spouse, or relative?

A: Discounts are available for registered participants.  If the person is a registered participant and you can provide their participant page along with a completed Participant Discount Form, you will receive the appropriate discount.  As long as you have this completed information, you are free to make a purchase for another registered participant.


Q: What items are eligible and how much is the discount?

A: Please review the lower portion of the Participant Discount Form & Coupon.  All the details can be found on that page.


Q: I'm pretty sure I am going to ride, but I'm not signed up yet.  Can I still get the discount?

A: No.  Once you registered and show at least $50 in fundraising, for the upcoming ride you will be able to receive the discount.


Q: I purchased a bike prior to the event, can I get a credit now that I'm signed up?

A: Unfortunately, we are not able to apply discounts retroactively.


Q: I rode last year, but I didn't make any purchases. Can I get a discount now?

A: No, discounts are not available after the purchase window closes.


Q: I am doing another fundraising ride locally or in another state.  Can I get a discount for participating in that ride?

A: We appreciate your support of other worth-while causes.  At this time, our promotion is for only for participants in the Norton's Bike to Beat Cancer tour.

Q: Are all bicycles eligible for the discount.

A: No.  For example, children's' bicycles are not eligible.  Also, some adult models may be restricted due to inventory availability.  E-bikes, and Trek Project 1 bikes for example, are not eligible.